Conference Tracks

Find a track that fits you best, or hop and skip from track to track.

Curate your own ISNACON’19 experience. Browse tracks below.


This track celebrates Islam, its foundations, and tenets. Featuring speakers and notable scholars whose wisdom and experience continues to inspire our understanding of faith.


This track explores the traditions of Islam and its interaction with the modern world. Featuring timely sessions on pressing subjects impacting the life and role of Muslims including democracy, civil rights, rationality, equality, and progress.


Setting young adults on a path to celebrate who they are, to live with intention, and to look forward to the person they are becoming.


This track empowers Muslim youth to become engaged and active leaders and gives them the platform and skills they need to succeed.


This track features content designed for people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds to participate in ISNACON.

Session Formats


Gather each day for hour-long keynote sessions. These presentations will feature speakers covering a wide range of compelling topics. Keynotes take place from Friday August 30 to Sunday September 1. All are welcome.

Track Sessions

Dig into our agenda to discover sessions that interest you. We’ve structured the agenda to ensure that sessions don’t overlap, and several sessions appear for an encore just in case you couldn’t decide.

Panel Chat

Attend a panel chat to observe a lively discussion on a wide variety of featured topics. Our panels typically feature one moderator and up to three additional guests who represent different perspectives and opinions in a given area.


Join us for engaging dialogue as we mix and match guest thinkers to converse on a variety of interesting and informative topics. Please note that some of these sessions will be broadcast as remote podcasts.

Book Readings

Don’t miss a chance to hear authors read from their own book.  These interactive readings offer attendees a chance to hear directly from our author guests as they explore and discuss the themes present in their work.

Pop Up Stage

Our pop-up stage highlights ISNACON community members and special guests in solo presentations, presenting on a variety of topics.

Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions offer one-on-one coaching with community leaders in a speed-dating format.


We are excited to offer a variety of interactive and hands-on workshops that will offer ISNACON’19 attendees the skills they need to transform and activate their superpowers for social good.

Special Events


Inspire Event

Details coming soon.


Discover Event

Details coming soon.


Transform Event

Details coming soon.

Expo Community Park

Join us at this year’s Expo Community Park and experience over 500 vendors to choose from! Food stalls will be located inside the park, along with play areas for children.